Phenom II X6 cheaper than expected?

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Phenom II X6 cheaper than expected?
New information has emerged regarding the Phenom II X6, which is to be launched next month.

There is some very good news regarding pricing. The various models should be priced somewhere between €200 and €300. A 1090T Black Edition model is also planned, and will run somewhere between 3.2 and 3.6 GHz, for a TDP of 125W. It will be priced at $299. With the use of Turbo mode, which should make its appearance on the Phenom II X6, there will be a clock frequency gain of between 400 and 500 MHz, depending upon the specific model.

If these rumors are confirmed, then we will probably see some serious competition with Intel's iX range. The question is whether the X6's performance will enable it to finally better compete with Intel in Folding@Home.

Source: PCINpact (in French)