Turbo mode for the Phenom II X6?

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Turbo mode for the Phenom II X6?
Future AMD Phenom II X6 processors could be equipped with a function equivalent to Intel's "Turbo Mode", Xbit Labs and PCINpact report.

This "Turbo Mode" would allow the processor to disable some of its unused cores in order to increase the clock frequency of the others, and thus improve performance on certain non-multithreaded applications.

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The mode would be managed entirely at the firmware level, making it independent of the OS running on it. These new X6s are expected to emerge in Q2 2010, and will be compatible with the AM2+ and AM3 platforms; however, it is possible that the Turbo Mode will not function on the oldest generation of such motherboards.

But will this be sufficient for AMD to counter Intel's Gulftown and return to top spot in the Folding@Home performance race?

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Sources: Xbit Labs and PC INpact