CUDA 3.0 approaches!

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CUDA 3.0 approaches!
No sooner has CUDA 2.3 been released than CUDA 3.0 begins to approach release. Here are the changes:

  • Double precision management
  • Interoperability between OpenCL and OpenGL for better display performance
  • Ability to retrieve the Compute Capability value via cl_nv_device_attribute_query
  • Ability to control compilation optimizations via cl_nv_compiler_options
  • Support for better, faster OpenCL filtering
  • Support for 32-bit atomic operations
  • Support for Addressable Bytes Stores
  • Support for the 1.0.48 revision of the Khronos OpenCL specifications
  • Support for the Khronos 1/11/2009 OpenCL headers

As for the SDK, developers will benefit from the following:

  • Interoperability between the driver and the CUDA runtime buffer, which allows applications using the API to also use the CUDA C runtime libraries
  • A new version of the CUDA C Runtime (CUDART) for an emulation debug mode
  • Support for C++ (class inheritance and templates) for developer sanity
  • New unified API for Direct3D and OpenGL, allowing interoperability with textures, as well as OpenGL Direct3D 11 interoperability
  • Support for debugging hardware by way of cuda-gdb for those using the CUDA driver API
  • New tool for checking the available memory in cuda-gdb
  • The versions of the CUDA Toolkit libraries are now set, allowing applications to operate a particular version or to support multiple versions
  • The core C/C++ CUDA objects are now compiled in the ELF format

On the Fermi side of things, nVidia has already announced some new features:

  • The GPU natively supports 64-bit
  • The Multiply Copy Engine
  • ECC error handling
  • Concurrent Kernel Execution
  • Hardware debugging via cuda-gdb

To sum up, CUDA 3.0 digests OpenCL 1.0, and the developer tools become very efficient at locating where a calculation is performed incorrectly. Fermi brings new capital to make computing more flexible, more efficient, more reliable and all that jazz. The future looks good!

Source: PC Inpact