Fermi compatible with Linux!

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Fermi compatible with Linux!
Picture this: you know my uncle's cousin's butcher (twice-cheated-on; once-removed) who knows the mother-in-law of the pimp of the favourite prostitute of some geek who works at nVidia; and from this close-knit network of insiders, you manage to get your hands on an exclusive GT300 Fermi card!

Delighted, you incinerate your piece of shit GTX 295, boot into your favourite Linux distro... and wham! Black screen, command line hell... and no, we're not talking about the typical results of a manual nVidia driver install; rather a successful, but incompatible one.

Know that nothing is lost! The 195 beta driver already provides preliminary support for the Fermi!

Whoever said this site is useless drivel? Certainly nobody still walking amongst the living!

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