AMD launches its OpenCL SDK!

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AMD launches its OpenCL SDK!
This is actually version 2.0-beta4 of the Stream SDK, but it has been certified as compatible with OpenCL 1.0.

But the announcement can be bewildering; in effect, compatibility with the floating double precision calculations are to be included for the Radeon 58x0 and 48X0, however the 57x0 and all other 4xx0 models are having the capability omitted. Such compatibility is necessary to perform the kind of arithmetic that Folding@Home requires, and we hope that this is merely a software restriction that can be bypassed.

This confirms however that the old Radeon 2xxx and 3xxx series will be excluded from the GPU3/OpenCL adventure. Owners of these cards will probably be well enough advised to continue to use the GPU2/CAL client already available for them.

We also note that this SDK generates code that can be run on all CPUs with SSE3 instructions (AMD introduced SSE3 in revision E4 of the Athlon 64, and Intel did likewise for the Pentium 4 "Prescott"). To see if your processor possesses the SSE3 instruction set, you can check it against this list on Wikipedia.

Source: PCInpact

After verification, Stanford doesn't use double precision in computations that run on GPU clients (because it would cost more performance than information it could add).
The lack of support of this feature won't be an issue to run an OpenCL based Folding@Home client.