Catalyst 9.11 released!

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Catalyst 9.11 released!
AMD has released the new Catalyst 9.11 driver suite. As expected, it includes hardware support for Flash 10.1 for the Radeon HD 4k and 5k.

It is unknown whether or not this new release includes preliminary support for upcoming IGPs, but the Radeon HD 5700 is now officially supported, and an integrated video encoder now provides for the compression of interlaced or progressive, standard or HD content. On the flipside, there is still no OpenCL support present, so if you want that, you will have to stick with nVidia for the time being.

An AMD spokesman has stated that OpenCL support has been deliberately omitted, as no mainstream applications currently make use of the technology. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Linux version of the drivers includes no major new functionality.

Obviously, support for the Radeon HD 5970 is not included as of yet, so we must therefore wait for Catalyst 9.12 to have a brand shiny new WHQL driver.

Driver download: here