Warning, do not update your nVidia drivers to version 375.xx

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Warning, do not update your nVidia drivers to version 375.xx
After installing nVidia drivers from 375.xx series under Windows, many folders reported crashes on their GPU slot.

This issue affects all versions from the 375 branch:
  • 375.57 released on 20th of October
  • 375.63 released on 23rd of October
  • 375.70 released on 28th of October
  • 375.86 released on 15th of November
This issue shows up when the client starts a new WU using core 21 (OPENMM_21) with the following errors printed in the log:

0x21:ERROR:exception: Error downloading array interactionCount: clEnqueueReadBuffer (-5)
WARNING:WU01:FS01:FahCore returned: BAD_WORK_UNIT (114 = 0x72)

After 5 consecutive errors of this type, the GPU slot will automatically pause itself in the “FAILED” state.

According to the various reports, this issue only affects core 21 (OPENMM_21) and avoids cores 17 (ZETA) and 18 (ZETA-DEV). This implies that OpenMM 6.2 is also affected by the issue so does FAHBench 2.2.x while OpenMM 5.1 (and FAHBench 1.2) work fine. Moreover, it seems that GPUs from Kepler generation are OK whereas the issue is confirmed on Maxwell and Pascal.

OpenMM and Folding@home cores development team has been unable to identify the cause of the issue, but nVidia confirmed to be working on the it after receiving reports from the bug report form made available by the company.

If you already updated your drivers and are facing the issue, the only solution to be able to fold again is to roll back the drivers to an older version of nVidia drivers. Versions 372.70 or 373.60 are the last ones known to be working.
If you didn’t update yet and the new features (mostly related to the latest video games) are no use to you, I strongly recommend to hold on your current version and to wait for a corrected version to be available.

Source : Folding Forum

GPGPU issues for nVidia 296.10 WHQL and 295.73 WHQL drivers

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Many folding users have reported that they encountered issue with GPGPU after installing nVidia 260.10 WHQL and 295.73 WHQL drivers on their machines.

The issue symptoms are GPGPU client crashes after a few minutes/hours when the machine is folding alone whereas it works fine most of the time. The core starts to crash in a loop on an UNSTABLE_MACHINE error, which makes the client to go into sleep mode because of the high number of detected failures.

After investigations, we have discovered that the problem is related to monitor sleep/standby mode. When it turns off, the WU that was running is completed fine, but all the following ones throw the error mentioned above. It looks like with these two versions of the drivers, the GPU is also deactivated when the monitor is in sleep mode. This removes the GPU from the available devices for CUDA or OpenCL applications.

The workaround is quite simple and can be done using one of the following suggestions:

  • keep your older drivers (285.62 for exemple) if you don't need the new features
  • disable monitor standby in power control panel, and turn your monitor of manually using the power switch.

The issue has been reported to the nVidia's forum, so we hope that the manufacturer will take it into account for the next driver releases.

Source: nVidia's Forums

Updated on 04/10/12 à 15H10 UTC:
The latest beta drivers released today (301.24) seem to solve the GPGPU issue encountered with previous WHQL drivers.

Source: Official Forums

nVidia CUDA 4.0 arrives, optimised for MultiGPU systems

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nVidia CUDA 4.0 arrives, optimised for MultiGPU systems
Up to now, it was possible to perform calculations using multiple GPUs, but due to the way CUDA is designed transfers of data between the cards would have to go via system memory, incurring a significant performance penalty that all-but negated the performance bonus from using multiple cards.
The latest version of CUDA changes all that, allowing GPUs to access each other's memory directly. This simplification could possibly allow Folding@home to be redesigned to fold one WU using multiple cards, in the same way as the SMP client does with CPU cores. As usual, speed is everything (so long as the results are accurate ;) )

It's not a revolution, but its a new feature which could be very useful!

Source : PC INpact

ATI Catalyst 10.10 drivers out with OpenCL support

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ATI Catalyst 10.10 drivers out with OpenCL support
In addition to announcing the 6850 and 6870, AMD has released a new version of its drivers: Catalyst 10.10.

This marks the first time AMD has promptly released drivers compatible with the latest generation of their graphics cards; previously, buyers would expect to wait for up to a month, if not longer, before they could enjoy full support for their equipment.

Another important milestone for AMD and F@h is that this driver is the first to include the functionality required to run OpenCL applications. This version has the quaint subtitle of Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) Technology Edition.

The driver can be obtained from AMD's driver download page.

New nVidia drivers released: 260.89 WHQL

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New nVidia drivers released: 260.89 WHQL
A major driver update for nVidia graphics cards has just been released.

Version 260.89, geared primarily towards Windows users, features a new and much simpler installer; the predecessor of which was beginning to seriously date, despite the pretty cosmetic improvements.

This version of the driver supports all GeForce cards beyond the 6 series, including the new Fermi-based GT430, and carries over all the innovations introduced in previous versions.

The driver can be obtained through the driver selection page over at nVidia's official website.

Stable drivers for the Fermi

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Stable drivers for the Fermi
Now that the first GPU3 units have arrived, we find ourselves needing to take our dusty old graphics drivers and replace them with shiny new ones.

Up until now, versions of the ForceWare drivers have has Fermi support flagged as "experimental", but now a series of drivers has arrived to stabilise this support: Forceware 256.

As always, the drivers are compatible with all cards from the GeForce 6 upwards. On the menu: support for Cuda v3.1, OpenCL v1.0, DX11, and OpenGL v4, as well as numerous other features such as the all-important 3D glasses support.

Links to the Windows versions of the 257.15 (Beta) drivers are below:

Windows XP (32-bit)
Windows XP (64-bit)
Windows Vista/7 (32-bit)
Windows Vista/7 (64-bit)

These drivers are still very new, so no guarantees are made that they will work flawlessly with Folding@home, or that they won't crash your computer, identity thieve you, light your hair on fire, or set your default search engine to Bing.

Source: PCInpact

ATI Catalyst 10.3 drivers available

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ATI Catalyst 10.3 drivers available
ATI has released the latest version of its graphics drivers for Radeon HD series cards (2xxx through to 5xxx).

There isn't very much in the way of folding-related improvements; it's mainly gamers that are spoiled with benefits in this version. This version nonetheless contains the latest version of the API utilised in ATI GPU folding.

Note that for once, this new ATI release is compatible with the 1.7x versions of the Linux X server, and therefore offers full support and 3D acceleration even under the Ubuntu 10.04 beta. It can be downloaded here.

nVidia 196.75 drivers are potentially dangerous!

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nVidia 196.75 drivers are potentially dangerous!
A persistent rumour has been spreading on the nVidia forums about the 196.75 drivers. Following reports from several users (specifically here, here and here), these drivers have a problem with the automatic fan speed control.

The problem manifests itself in the fan failing to speed up when the card is under load (and therefore warmer). Some people have had cards burn themselves out due to overheating.

nVidia has not officially confirmed the bug but the fact that the 196.75 drivers have been withdrawn from the download site seems a tacit admission of a serious problem with these drivers.

If you have installed this set of drivers we urge you to remove them and replace them with the 196.21 WHQL or 196.34 beta drivers, which do not have this issue.

Thanks to chhosni for reporting this information.

Updated on 05/03/2010 at 22:46 UTC :
nVidia acknowledged the issue, and their recommendations are similar to ours:

nVidia have said:
196.75 Alert!
We are aware that some customers have reported fan speed issues with the latest 196.75 WHQL drivers on Until we can verify and root cause this issue, we recommend that customers do not download this driver. Instead, please stay with, or return to 196.21 WHQL drivers. Release 196.75 drivers have been temporarily removed from our website and we also are asking our partners and others to remove temporarily this 196.75 WHQL driver as well.

NVidia 195.62 WHQL drivers for laptops

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NVidia 195.62 WHQL drivers for laptops
Good news arrives for owners of laptops sporting nVidia graphics cards: a new official version of the laptop drivers has arrived! You can now install them as you would desktop drivers, without any fiddling about with registry or configuration file hacks.

These drivers should have a long life expectancy in the case of us folders, as they provide support for CUDA 3.0 and OpenCL, in addition to support for hardware decoding of Flash 10.1 video.

The drivers support the following chips: ION, GeForce 8M, 9M, 100M, 200M, Quadro NVS and FX.

You can find them in the drivers download section of nVidia's website.

nVidia releases Forceware 195.55 beta

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nVidia releases Forceware 195.55 beta
As new graphics cards are released, so nVidia releases new drivers to support them.

These Forceware 195.55 drivers are still in beta, but they function well on all cards from the GeForce 8 upwards.

Improvements include support for the GeForce GT240, support for Flash 10.1 and performance improvements in games. OpenCL 1.0 and CUDA 3.0 support is also present.

Note, however, that the beta requires you accept that use of these drivers will be at your own risk, and GPU client performance for Folding@Home is not guaranteed.

To download, please click here