Ready, set, Fold! Final Folding@Home v7 client and new website released!

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Ready, set, Fold! Final Folding@Home v7 client and new website released!
About one year after the public beta release, the v7 client (7.1.52) is finally considered as stable enough to become the official Folding@Home client. The main new features are:

  • Client code rewritten from scratch
  • Multi platform client (unified GPU, SMP and uniprocessor)
  • Centralized interface to manage all running cores.
  • A new viewer that should work better.

This release has been synchronized with a full redesign of the project official website. The old academic looking website is replaced by a much more modern one which should be much more easy to use for public audience. The new site is now guided by three steps:

  • Ready: Discover Folding@Home, proteins, why to fold them and the most important, how to help.
  • Set: Client download (the recommended version is adapted according to the OS of the machine visiting the website)
  • Fold: An installation guide, some information about the monitoring (FAHControl) and the viewer. Access to different level of help (FAQ, technical documentation and Official Forum) and a whole section about points, statistics, ladders and third-party statistic websites.

The site should also display in your language automatically when you visit

The new website is simpler and more attractive so as the new client that would probably be of a great help to convert your friends and family to join the Folding@Home project. You don't have to be a power-user anymore, FAH is ready to be spread widely!

Source: Vijay Pande’s Blog