A little more information about AMD Bulldozer is revealed...

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A little more information about AMD Bulldozer is revealed...
AMD plans to launch its first range of processors based on Bulldozer in June this year. The first batch of processors are codenamed Zambezi.

These processors will be manufactured on a 32nm process, using Socket AM3+. The naming of the range is fairly obvious, with two octocore processors named FX-8000, two hexcore processors named FX-6000 and two quad-core processors named FX-4000. For each of these pairs one will be a Black Edition with an unlocked multiplier. TDP is 95W, except for the top FX-8130P which will have a TDP of 125W. All processors have an integrated DDR3 controller, but none will have integrated graphics. Black Edition models will feature a Turbo mode, similar to those found on Intel's processors.

The processors have 1MB of L2 cache per core, so 8MB for octocore, 6MB for hexcore and 4MB for quadcores, which is joined by an 8MB L3 cache on all models. Operating frequencies remain unknown.

The Zambezi platform is intended to compete at the higher end of the market and is in competition with Intel's i7-2600 series. Prices remain unknown.

We hope that AMD will once again be competitive at Folding@home... and note that the FX-8000 series is AMD's first range of consumer processors which meets the 8-core requirement for -bigadv.

Source: Tom's Hardware (in French)