The boundary between uniprocessor and SMP is shrinking

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Following a small configuration error by Kyle Beauchamp in the settings of one of his projects, we have discovered a new feature of the A4 core.

Approximately 400 clients were given project 10437 units in SMP mode! The project is designed for uniprocessor clients, and the error has been corrected. If you were sent one of the incorrectly configured units, do not worry, the results remain usable.

Subsequently, Kyle has confirmed the functionality of the A4 core v2.27: it is able to operate both as a uniprocessor and SMP core. There are two conditions: the client must have the SMP flag specified, and the researcher must have allowed SMP mode when configuring the project. If only one of these parameters is met, the core will use uniprocessor mode regardless.

No project using this core has SMP mode enabled currently, but we hope this will change soon.

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