New SMP a3 projects p7100-7154

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A new series of 55 projects has been made available: project numbers 7100-7154. They are the responsibility of a new researcher: Per Larsson. Per is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher in Peter Kasson's team at the University of Virginia, having studied for his doctorate in physics at the University of Stockholm with Erik Lindahl.

These projects are studying the flu virus and more specifically how certain mutations affect the virus. They are the first to require version 2.27 of the Gromacs a3 core and are distributed from the server at Characteristics are as follows...
  • Approximately 77,200 atoms (+/-100 atoms depending on the project)
  • 585 points
  • Bonus factor of 3.23
  • Preferred Deadline of 2.66 days
  • Final Deadline of 4 days

These projects are available on -advmethods for Windows and Linux clients.

Source : Official Forum