New A4 uniprocessor projects: p10436 and p10437

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Kyle Beauchamps has launched two projects for the single core clients using Gromacs core a4: p10436 and 10437.

These projects simulate the pinhead of the Villin protein in the amber99sb-ildn forcefield at 300K (p10436) and 278K (p10437) in a solution of 3 Mol of GdmCL (guanidinium chloride) denaturant.

Still with us? ;)

These projects are testing the bonus system many of you will be familiar with from SMP clients, on uniprocessor clients. Project 10436 is served from the server and project 10437 from Besides the different servers their characteristics are identical:

  • 576 atoms
  • 311 points
  • Bonus factor : 0.69
  • Preferred Deadline : 8 jours
  • Final deadline : 12 jours

Project 10436 is available to all clients, while project 10437 is restricted to -advmethods for now.

Source : Official Forum