New uniprocessor projects: 10200-10205

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Greg Bowman has just released a new series of projects utilising the latest A4 core.

According to the project description, this series of projects focuses on sampling the accessible conformations for b2AR, a membrane-bound G-Protein-binding receptor (GPCR) with seven trans-membrane helices. b2AR is one of only a few (there are 1000 total candidates) GPCRs for which the structure has recently been determined.

The beta-2 adrenergic receptor surrounded by solvent (H2O)

GPCRs are of great importance because they are involved in most of the exchange process signals across the cell membrane and, moreover, as a therapeutic target, they represent nearly half the drugs currently on the market.

The team hopes that through the identification of accessible conformations for b2AR, it will be able to identify the protein's important conformational states, and the corresponding thermodynamic properties. The team also hopes to apply the knowledge they acquire to other GPCRs whose structures have not yet been resolved.

These simulations are conducted using the Amber03 force field with Berger parameters for the lipid molecules, solvated using the TIP3P water model.

These projects are distributed by the server at Each WU has 58,724 atoms, and are 0.5ns-scale simulations. They will yield 493 points per unit, and should preferably should be completed in less than 92 days, but no later than 136 days.

Source: Project Description