Round-up of new projects from the last two weeks

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Since we have been a bit quiet recently we missed some project announcements. The following are the projects released since our last such news on October 10th:

Classic client
Project 10412 was recently released from adv methods to general folding@home, so will be assigned to clients with no special flags set. Further details can be found in our news about the a4 core.

GPU2 client
Greg Bowman has launched project 10111 for the GPU2 client on nVidia. These units complete the study of ubiquitin from project 10109, and are distributed from the server at They contain 1174 atoms and are worth 494 points, with a preferred deadline of 2 days and a final deadline of 3 days.

GPU3 client
Yu-Shan Lin has released two series of projects for non-Fermi cards running the GPU3 client: projects 11161-11168 and 11169-11181. These projects simulate the beta-amyloid peptide and utilise the generalised born method for modelling implicit solvent. They are distributed from the server at, and consist of between 600 and 630 atoms each. For your time you will get around 1300 points, assuming they are returned before the preferred deadline of 20 days or final deadline of 29 days.