New uniprocessor client projects: 1761-1775

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Eric Sorin has released a new set of projects for uniprocessor clients: projects 1761-1775. They are extensions of projects 1740-1760, and are large computational units that require a significant amount of processing time.

These units have a value of 2137.6 points each, a final deadline of 28 days, and are designated large units. They are distributed by the server at by the Eric Sorin Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, at the California State University, Long Beach.

These projects utilize the Gromacs 3.3 core (also known by the name A0). You should ensure you have the latest version of the core (1.93) in order to fold these units.

The performance of these units seem to be good, yielding between 175 and 200 PPD on a P4-M 1.4 GHz processor. However, many users have noticed that performance deteriorates gradually as unit completion progresses, something that seems par for the course for these projects.

These new projects do not currently appear on the official list of projects (psummary). We will update this news article with the relevant information when they make their appearance.