New GPU2 nVidia projects: 5781-5786

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Vincent Voelz, who is certainly very active these days, has put into production a new series of projects for the nVidia GPU2 client: projects 5781 to 5786.

These projects simulate several proteins that have similar amino acid sequences. Curiously, although these sequences differ by only a few residues, their folding is rather different (see "this article" for details). We are interested here in the nature of these sequence dependencies in protein folding, and we try to answer the following questions: in nature, are the folding disruptions local or not? Moreover, are the current simulations using implicit solvent sufficiently accurate to detect this sequence dependency? If so, this will be an interesting starting point for developing tools that will lead us to the computer design of both the structure and dynamics of proteins.

These projects will inaugurate the first GPU server using the v5 server code; the IP address is Each project has 922 atoms, and can therefore still be considered small proteins. The WUs should preferably be returned within 15 days, and no later than 25 days, although most current nVidia GPUs will be able to return units within 24 hours. Each unit is worth 783 points.

Each project contains a pun in honour of our good old GROMACS core. Below are some examples.

It's up to you to match each sentence to the correct project. Do not hesitate to tell us of any that we missed:

Gromacs Runs One Microsecond At Cannonball Speeds

Growing Monsters And Shrimps Cloning

Giving Russians Opium May Alter Current Situation

Groups of Organic Molecules in Action for Science

Great Red Owns Many Acres of Sand

In other ruminations, will we find in Vincent Voelz a worthy successor to Dan Ensign?