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Does Cause-Preference work? I saw a thread on the main folding site where someone replied several months ago that the option is in the client, but they had not changed the workunit servers. Any idea if it is now truly functional?

If/when it is functional, would there be some causes that would depend more heavily on specific types of WUs that would affect PPS of an existing rig? In other words, could you choose one specific cause and then get mostly certain types of WUs that would cause your PPD to drop or increase? Or are all of the different WU types so evened out that it would not matter in terms of PPD? Would it matter in terms of the number of WUs processed per day (lots of smaller, shorter time to process times versus larger, longer to process times)?

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I'm not using this feature since I'm still using old clients that doesn't implement it ... so I don't know whether it works or not.

Basically, I'd say that it shouldn't affect the PPD much, since all WUs are benchmarked the same way. But like with current projects, it is still possible to see PPD variations depending on how WUs scales on different hardware according to their characteristics.

If there are two much discrepancies between "Causes", I'm pretty sure that they will be corrected or balanced quickly by researchers, excepted if they want to encourage people working on one Cause at a given time ...

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