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hi am quite new to folding, started December last year, bit of stop start but over the last two month have gotten the folding bug. ive now put together two i5 750 that are running the smp2 a3 clients.

ive just stumble (yesterday) into your site, and was intrested in the storage at home project, but after reading all the bumf, it looks like it was a trail.

if so how did it go and will you be going ahead full time as i would defo tack part..

nice site :) it different from the rest a bit more funky and not as formal. :+1

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The Storage@Home project is currently on hold (mainly because of the lack of time from the project developer) ... the first versions were a trial to draw a picture of the potential users, and their habits regarding their use of their machines.

We don't know more about the schedule of the project ... but we'll post some news as soon as we learn more about SAH ;)

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