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Okay okay, let me find the vodka and a revolver.

Edit: I put up the news, but my revolver jammed again. Shit.
You are so very... very... VeRy WrOnG... :kaysl:
That's alright. I'll fly you out First Class on a private Hell Airlines flight. Don't say I never did anything to you :D
For you or the mechanical corpses you just dug up? 'Cause I'll only pay for you. They'll have to pay their own way :s
   On 02/10/2010 at 19h39 Comments and Suggestions » How do the Polls work?
Wait, when did this apprentice thing happen? :think

That one time when we went out and got absolutely hammered. Sure, you were drunk and high on that cocaine Adanorm sent us, but a pledge of allegiance to the Dark Side is irreversible!
   On 02/10/2010 at 17h41 Comments and Suggestions » How do the Polls work?
If guest can vote, it's too easy to influence a vote ...

Well, at least now the slush fund looks set for some phenomenal growth... :s

Anonymous polls always seem a bit shady to me.

You're my Sith apprentice, Ellie. That's not shady enough?
I doubt 50 quid would pay for a ticket across the Channel :(

Can I wear a sexy costume while being put to work as a slave, though? :p

*slicks back hair*

Why yes, yes you can, my apprentice... :kayplot:
uncle fuzzy:
Kay, you can go burn in hell, you're such a bitch! I HATE YOU, MOMMY, I HATE YOU!!! WAAAHHHH :\'(

Calm down, Fuzzy, I love you really!
uncle fuzzy:
I've got a Matrox Millenium and a nice Voodoo 3 collecting dust.

I've got an Uncle Fuzzy voodoo doll collecting pins :fork
GeForce2 Mx ! It's too young ! I prefer my Riva TNT2 Ultra :p

I'm sure owning a TNT series card violates about 10 indecency laws, but I'll let it slide :kaysl:
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