Edgar Luttmann

  |   2012  |  Post a comment  |  Pande Group Researchers
Dr. Edgar Luttmann has been a FAH group member for several years. His primary areas of interest are Alzheimer's Disease and new methods for describing water. In studying Alzheimer's disease, Edgar has contributed to FAH in several ways. He's been performing simulations of protein aggregation involved in Alzheimer's disease as well as helping understand the experimental work coming from the group (primarily NMR).

In his second research area, Edgar has been working with Jason Wagoner in the Pande group to develop better models of water. These models were originally conceived in order to have a model which was more computationally efficient, but turns out that they may be both faster (by about 10x perhaps in some cases, maybe more) but also it looks like they may be in fact more accurate as well. Finally, these new models are also very well suited to GPU's and PS3's. Bottom line, we're very excited about this and hopefully will be submitting our first results for peer review soon.

Copied from: Meet FAH team member: Edgar Luttmann (Vijay Pande's blog)